Snowshoe tours

Guided snowshoe hikes through pristine winter landscapes and enjoying the clear, fresh winter air

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  • Einsame Spuren
    ©Maria Felbauer
  • Unbeschreibliche Weiten durchwandern
  • Guide Martha
    ©Alois Litzlbauer
  • Sonne und Schnee
    ©Alois Litzlbauer
  • Vorwärts ...!
    ©Alois Litzlbauer
  • Eine herrliche Schneeschuhwanderung geht zu Ende
    ©Conny D.
  • Wer ist am schnellsten?
  • Guide Martha
    ©Hans K.
  • Über sonniges Almgelände
  • Einer nach dem anderen
    ©Maria Felbauer
  • Schaut... dort drüben!
    ©Maria Felbauer
  • Flechten an den Stämmen
    ©Maria Felbauer
  • Schneeschuhwandern macht Spaß
    ©Maria Felbauer
  • Schneewechten als Landschaftselement
    ©Betty Jehle
  • Über das Dachsteinplateau
  • Flott durch den Schnee
    ©Maria Felbauer
  • Jawohl!
  • Schneerosen als Frühlingsboten
  • Tief verschneite Winterlandschaft
  • Durch den frischen Schnee
  • Im Gänsemarsch
  • Schnee und blauer Himmel
    ©Alois Litzlbauer
  • Einfach nur herrlich!

The Salzkammergut is full of beautiful places and all of them take in some of the most spectacular mountain scenery with the high peaks of the Dachstein massif and its glaciers. Within reach, we experience this majestic high mountain area on a guided snowshoe hike from Krippenstein passing through historic landscapes and areas rich in wildlife. Almost effortlessly we explore the magic of Dachstein plateau and enjoy the impressive panorama of this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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NATURSCHAUSPIEL "Mountain Paradise Warscheneck"

The Winter Idyll on Teichlboden

The Wurzeralm is ideal for snowshoeing! On this hike across the Teichlboden which is also a great pleasure for beginners, we explore one of the most magnificent mountain landscapes of Upper Austria. It is now resting under a thick blanket of snow.

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NATURSCHAUSPIEL "Mountain Paradise Warscheneck"

Into the Enchanted Larch and Pine Forest

It is a natural spectacle that we discover on our snowshoes trek into the biggest larch and pine forest of the Northern Limestone Alps and part of the Dead Mountain Range. The karst area of the Warscheneck plateau is a unique alpine habitat, a rough place, wild and primeval, full of noble beauty where only the very hard get through, such as the stone pine, a highly adapted species.

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A Scenic Alpine Snowshoe Hike

Across Sunny and Panoramic Pastureland

The region around the Kalkalpen National Park is a real paradise for snowshoeing. Especially in the Pyhrn-Priel region we find a rich selection of attractive destinations: quiet valleys, rolling hills and high mountains, sparse mountain forests, snow-covered mountain pastures - just ideal conditions for white fun. On this snowshoe hike we explore promising alpine pastures with stunning views to the surrounding Lower Central Alps.

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