Hiking with Martha - Summer Program

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  • ©Heiner Thaler
    Blick auf Ramesch, Frauen- und Brunnsteinkar
  • Berg-Flockenblume
  • Schwalbenschwanz
  • Mountain lake at Dead Mountains
  • ©Matthias Schickhofer
    In der Blumenwiese
  • Natternkopf (Echium vulgare)
  • @Heidi H.
  • Pyramiden-Hundswurz (Anacamptis pyramidalis)
  • Martha the photographer
  • Weißes Waldvögelein (Cephalanthera damasonium)
  • Blüte aus der Nähe
NATURSCHAUSPIEL Mountain Paradise of Warscheneck, Photo walk:

Eyes on Alpine Wilderness of Warscheneck

In two and a half days we join Matthias Schickhofer and Martha Rieß into three great alpine habitats providing mysterious primeval forests with ancient, gnarled stone pines, time-honoured larches as well as old-fashioned spruce trees ruffled by snow and wind. Above the tree line, we find a magnificent rocky desert full of bizarre rock formations and frugal plants, in the immediate vicinity of our base camp Linzer House, however, orchid-rich wet meadows and bogs with fascinating mountain pines and other highly adapted peat plants. These different living spaces have one thing in common: on closer inspection, they reveal their magic and breath-taking beauty, which we optimally "catch" with professional help so that we can enjoy the good moments for a long time.

4th - 6th June 2021


NATURSCHAUSPIEL The Fascination of Dachstein and the Spirit of a World Heritage Site, Photo walk:

Eyes on Alpine Wilderness of Dachstein 

Photo walk with the nature photographer, author and expert of ancient forests Matthias Schickhofer in the World Heritage Site on Dachstein plateau. It is an extraordinary alpine primeval landscape with its extensive limestone karst plateau which consists mainly of desert-like rock scenery, with some glaciers around the Hoher Dachstein and the almost endless plain area with stone and mountain pines, alpine meadows and karst formations. At any time of the day we will explore the huge Dachstein plateau and try to edit photographically the enormous spaciousness as well as the pictorial world of the karst and the tiny colour-intense wonders of plants at our feet with the macrolens.

13th - 15th August 2021



The Fascination of Dachstein Mountains

What makes the fascination of this impressive high mountain landscape? During this natural spectacle we will explore this question together with Betty & Martha on our walk over the karst plateau: Next to the striking mountain peaks of the Dachstein massif and its glaciers we find cart fields in a wide variety of shapes, fossils, caves and sinkholes, small mountain tarns, sharp-edged rocks, smooth stone slabs - and amongst them a sea of colourful and delicate blossoms.

Saturdays 24.07. / 21.08. / 04.09. / 25.09.2021

NATURSCHAUSPIEL "Bergparadies Warscheneck"

Wurzeralm in Summer: Plants and the Special Feeling of Karst Mountains

The Wurzeralm in summer offers dramatic views and special karst phenomena and it boasts a wealth of colourful alpine plants. On a family-friendly circular walk we learn a lot about interesting facts about different habitats of plants and animals as well as about the formation of the Alps and the effects of the ice ages. We discover the karst mountains from their green side and become aware that mankind has been working here for thousands of years and though has shaped the landscape.

Fridays 09 July / 06 August / 27 August / 10 September 2021

NATURSCHAUSPIEL "Bergparadies Warscheneck"

Into the Ancient Larch and Pine Forest

Into the jungle! In fact, they have not interrogated - Upper Austria shares the largest larch and pine forest of the Eastern Alps with Styria. Apart from traces of earlier alpine farming, we find no traces of human influence here. It is a place where only the hard survive: highly adapted species such as the stone pine. A rugged area, wild and original, at the same time full of noble beauty. Come with me into a millennium-old habitat. 

Saturdays 29 May / 07 August / 11.September / 09 October 2021

Sunday 20 June 2021

NATURSCHAUSPIEL "Bergparadies Warscheneck"

The Wild Karst Mountains

Fancy a special wilderness experience? There, where the Black and Red Vanilla Orchids grow and the Gentians flowers, we find a barren, rugged highland landscape with 1,000 surprises: plants and animals that are optimally adapted to this high alpine habitat, as well as numerous karst formations that make up the austere character of this world of rock and stone. We also enjoy beautiful views to the Lower Central Alps and across the Warscheneck plateau and get an impression of huge, primeval forests and very lonely mountains ... Alpine wilderness, as you cannot find so often.

Dates currently on demand.


Into the Realm of the Golden Eagle

We explore the little-known and fascinating nature reserve Haller Mauern (that means walls) on partly unmarked paths. We walk through a glacial trough valley in the driest limestone mountains of Upper Austria and experience the most diverse habitats with a rich and spectacular flora and fauna. Golden eagle, birch and grouse hunt for food. With luck, we can hear the calls of the black woodpecker and even watch it fly. On the quaint Laglalm we learn about traditional alpine farming.

Dates currently on demand.


In collaboration with Betty Jehle, we embark on a journey of discovery through the enchanting natural backdrop of the Gosau. After the sociable driveway with the Gosauer slow train we hike on historical paths through the blanket bog of Löckenmoos. Past the small bog lake and a fabulous karst cave, we discover rare plants and the still active grinding quarries. We enjoy the view of the overwhelming mountain panorama of the Gosaukamm and the stop in a rustic alpine hut.

Dates and information on demand.


In collaboration with Betty Jehle, we walk through the impressive, picturesque Echerntal valley near Hallstatt, from which Emperor Franz Josef, many artists and aristocrats, swarmed. Our hike starts at the parking spot in Echerntal and leads us along the forest stream. It is a mighty source of giant carcasses that flows through the narrow valley and flows into the lake of Hallstatt. Its mighty waterfall, the Waldbachstrub, as well as the surrounding mountains tell us stories from the long gone glacier world. In the streambed of the Dürrenbach we find glacier mills and the different forms of glacier pots, which impressively show us the power of the ice age glaciers. In addition, we show you rare plants and traces of memory from bygone times and let this wild and romantic valley come to life.

Dates and information on demand.


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