Martha Rieß

  • Certified hiking and snowshoe guide
  • State-certified Austria Tourist Guide and tour leader
  • Tour guide in the Austrian Alpine Club
  • Member in the Board of Trustees of the National Park Kalkalpen
  • National Park Speaker in the Austrian Alpine Club of Upper Austria
  • Authorized herbalist

"To be outside, to move, to see magnificent landscapes, to discover the wonders of nature, to experience the rhythm of the seasons with all senses, to travel with open-minded people, to experience alpine culture and traditions - that strengthens and excites me. I like to share some of what has enriched my life on my hikes in the mountains since I was a child, in winter and summer, always in the aspect of maximum safety. I’d love to make unique experiences possible."


Betty Jehle

  • Certified hiking and snowshoe guide
  • Certified forest educator
  • PES youth leader
  • Nordic walking instructor
  • Horse trekking guide
  • Ski instructor of the Upper Austrian Ski Association

Cooperation partner and full-time hiking guide colleague from Gosau is the nature instructor Bettina Jehle.

"Inspiring children, teenagers and adults for nature is one of the reasons why I have become self-employed as a hiking guide and forest educator. I’m very grateful that I could have turned my hobby into my profession. Nature shows and teaches us a lot along the way. Recognizing this is a wonderful experience that I don’t want to miss anymore.“


Gertraud "Gerti" Schermair

  • Certified hiking and snowshoe guide
  • Graduate herbalist
  • Graduate nurse

I have been travelling the mountains regularly for more than 30 years and I especially love the seasonal changes in nature and the associated changes in light. I also love the scent of the earth, the forest and the plants. Therefore distilling wild herbs and plants is one of my hobbies, where I can capture at best the fragrance and taste of them. From my experience, I recommend the following recipe for a home remedy, which can be used in many ways:

Sage Hydrolate (Salvia officinalis)

Best-known is the excellent effect on sore throats, where sage hydrolate is used as gargle solution. Equally widespread is its use in menopause for the relief of hot flashes. The hydrolate has a cleansing effect, so it can also be used as a room spray. It is also anti-inflammatory, astringent, antihypertensive and antispasmodic. Through its skin-cleansing effect, it treats the skin as a tonic in acne. Because of its tart fragrance, men also like to use Sage hydrolate as tonic. It also finds use as a deodorant, as it also acts as an antiperspirant. Furthermore it is used as hair tonic, which makes hair darker.

One of my favourite hiking tours is from Gössl next to the Grundlsee up to the Lahngangseen. Especially in October, when the larch trees have turned into yellow.


Franz Maier

  • Biologist
  • Botanist and environmental teacher (University of Salzburg)
  • Nature conservation expert
  • Co-founder of the Kalkalpen National Park
  • Head of Department at the Energy and Environment Agency in Lower Austria
  • President of the Austrian Environmental Association (UWD)

 "That's me: nature lover and nature connoisseur - on foot or on touring skis, alone, as a couple or with children, walking or mountain biking."