Obertraun Mountain Experience

Wild and colourful - treasures along the way

What natural beauties, native herbs and plants tell us. Easy hike for the whole family

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  • Koppenwinkllacke
  • Karstwassersee im Koppenwinkl
  • Still und grün: Koppenwinkllacke
  • Versteckter Schatz im Koppenwinkl
  • Erfrischend grün, erfrischend nass...
  • Mystisch...
  • Totholz ragt in den See
  • Frühling im Auwald
  • Ein Bund Himmelschlüssel
  • Wie oben, so unten
  • Zwerg-Holunder in Blüte
  • Johanniskraut (Hypericum perforatum)
  • Koppenwinklalm
  • Koppenwinklalm
  • Karstquellen als rauschende Bäche
  • Wichtiges Zauberkraut: Farn
  • Feuersalamander
  • Die herrlich duftenden Blüten des Seidelbast
  • Lichtspiele
  • Tosendes Karstwasser
  • Kneipp-Weg
  • Der Auwald ist voller Geheimnisse
  • Auwald
  • Die Traun bei Obertraun
  • Leberblümchen in der Abendsonne
  • Rosa Leberblümchen
  • Aussichtsplatzerl in der Traun
  • Blick auf Obertraun


  • Every Monday in July and August 2020

Depending on the seasons, plants sprout everywhere in nature that are good for body and soul. On the one hand, wild herbs are tasty, often colourful or inconspicuous, and quite often they can enrich our menu as real delicacies. On the other hand, the symbolism of the plants appeals to images inside us. Therefore, wild herbs and plants are part of our seasonal rituals.

On a family-friendly hike through the impressive landscape of the Obertraun’s Koppenwinkl we find the treasures along the way and those we should avoid, learn about their properties and possible uses and how best to treat wild plants. We also get to know the "water side" of the karst mountains, which reveal the refreshing side of their character in the Koppenwinkllacke and -büller.


Location: Obertraun
Characteristics: Easy hike, around 7 kilometres, pure walking time approximately 2 hours

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m.

Meeting point: Tourist Information in Obertraun. Registration absolutely necessary.

Prices: Adult 22,00 € / children and young people 11,00 € (accompanied by adults).

Equipment: Walking boots or trekking shoes, rainwear, backpack, provisions (snacks, water bottle), hat or cap, sunglasses, sunscreen and lip care with a high sun protection factor, small towel.

Special arrangements for school classes and groups on demand.**

**The maximum number of people (per guide) is based on the current Corona regulations.


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